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Compatibility of proven insecticides with fungicides which can be used as a tank mix when both insect pests and diseases are observed in the field

Pesticides Fungicides
Monocrotophos Carbendazim/ Copper oxychloride/ Edifenphos/ Mancozeb/ Jairam/ Thiram/ capton
Dicofol Copper oxychloride/ Edifenphos/ Mancozeb/ Jairam / Thiram/ capton / propiconazole
chlorpyriphos Carbendazim/ Copper oxychloride/ Edifenphos/ capton
Profenofos Mancozeb
Quinalphos Carbendazim / Mancozeb
Acephate Carbendazim / Mancozeb
Dichlorvos Carbendazim / Copper oxychloride/ Mankozeb/ Jairam
Carbofuran Carbendazim / Thiram / capton
Chlorantraniliprole Hexaconazole / tricyclazole/ kasugamycin / Carbendazim
Spiromesifen propikonazol
Dinotefuran hexaconazole

Note:Do not use synthetic pyrethroids insecticides in rice ( Cypermethrin ,Penwarate, Cyhalothrine , Decamethrin , Bifenthrin )

Depending on crop growth stage, the amount of spray fluid required

The following water levels to be maintained based on crop growth stage

Crop Stage Hand Compression Sprayer Power sprayer
Nursery 200-300 L/ha 90 L/ha
30 Days after transplanting 50-60 L/ha 90 L/ha
50 Days after transplanting 500-600 L/ha 120 L/ha
Booting to grain harting 700-800 L/ha 180 L/ha

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